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What does chasing your "pro" look like in your life?

Chasing your most impossible dreams can impact generations.


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"Chasing Pro" will reshape how you view success.

Do you lack the motivation to chase your most authentic and unique dreams?

We all desire to be a “pro”, be seen, reach a certain status, or be known in some capacity, but sometimes lack the required motivation and direction to get there. Within these pages, you will discover how to take actionable steps towards reaching your “pro”-purpose, dreams, and aspirations.

Chasing Pro: Thinking Beyond Impossibility is a collection of inspiring stories and lessons on how chasing your most sensitive and impossible dreams can impact generations. Many gurus claim to teach others how to chase their dreams, but the curiosity to experience better in life has become a part of mankind’s genetic makeup.  When faced with the realities of failure, only the courageous among us will have the audacity to think beyond the impossibility of their situation. It is my belief that even if you never achieve what you are chasing, the process of progressing towards a worthy ideal indeed makes you a pro.