Book Reviews


Having watched some of the events in this book unfold before my eyes, I love hearing Jeff’s perspective. To see his perseverance, faith and dedication come to life on the pages gave us a look into his mind and heart.  Great words of wisdom to a younger generation looking to figure out what "going pro" looks like in their lives.  

--JONATHAN TORRES, CEO of Memphis Athletic Ministries

I really enjoyed this book.  Not just enjoyed it but I could connect with it. The idea of "chasing pro" as well as the process, the adversities, the self-reflection moments, etc....translates no matter what the ultimate goal one is chasing.  As I was reading, I found myself being coached up. I am literally more motivated to continue chasing something I had moved on from. Thanks Coach J!

--REGGIE DAVIS, Beyond the Classroom Director for Seeding Success

Jeffery Johnson isn’t simply a product of athleticism, he’s a product of courage. It requires courage to pursue one's passion when passion fades due to failure. Jeffery has opened himself up yet again to expose his own wounds in order to help readers become true “Pros” in life. “Pro” character isn’t limited to coaches and players but it’s for everyone in between.

--VINCENT E.H JOPLIN, Lead Pastor and Founder for Delivering Word Bible Church

Chasing “Pro” is a book that eloquently describes how to overcome the barriers that keep us from achieving our dreams at the highest level. Jeffery does a great job of using personal examples to demonstrate the process that it takes to think beyond impossibility.  He is not afraid to show how he had to overcome personal pain, and struggle to chase his dreams. It’s obvious that he believes it is possible for everyone to reach their full potential through applying effort, overcoming struggle and having belief in themselves.

--KELBERT FAGAN, Real Estate Agent for Crye Leike of Memphis